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Fish-keeping in general can sometimes be a little daunting to new keepers. If you haven't done your research (and sometimes even if you have!) it can be very difficult to work out what is going wrong when something does.  Shrimp can be the same; but with a bit of basic knowledge, keeping shrimp can be super easy and satisfying! This post is meant as a complete beginner guide for shrimp, but can be applied to fish just as well.  Essential Knowledge The No.1 most important thing you should know for any fish keeping is the nitrogen cycle.  The is especially important...

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The nitrogen cycle is the one most important and often least-known subject for aquarium keepers. As long as you understand how this works in your aquarium however, keeping fish can become super easy and stress-free.  The Nitrogen cycle describes the main biological process which occurs in every tank (both freshwater and salt-water). In one sentence it is: Fish create Ammonia from their waste and rotting food in the tank (deadly to fish and shrimp); then bacteria in the filter convert it to Nitrites (still deadly) and more then convert it to Nitrates (largely harmless) which is what you remove through...

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Cheat Sheet - For those who want to get straight to the numbers Temperature: 18oC - 30oC Ideally; 22oC - 26oC.Water type: Freshwater.PH: 6.5 - 7.8 (Most standard aquarium PH's are fine).Lighting: Low-High (Any standard Aquarium lighting is good).Substrate: Prefer a darker colours over brighter substrates. Tank mates: Most medium to small fish.Scientific name: Neocaridina Davidi. Overview - What are Cherry Shrimp? Red Cherry Shrimp, part of the Neocaridina family, are one of the most popular shrimp in the hobby. Although they are originally from the rivers and lakes in Taiwan, just about all the Cherries you can get are captive bread. This is...

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