Red Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi)

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This listing is for one Assorted Cherry Shrimp.
For larger orders I will make sure to include a mix of both male, female, juvenile and adult Cherries.
These Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp are a great addition to your clean-up crew.
The Neocaridina family being one of the hardiest dwarf shrimp out there, they can survive temperatures as low as 18C up to 30C but thrive and breed readily between 21 and 25 Degrees.
Don't forget to check out our plants for combined postage and keeping the shrimp happy in transit!

Keeping with fish
The general rule for all aquatic life is "if it fits in their mouth they will eat it." Unless you have specifically passive or vegetarian fish, shrimp may be eaten by any fish which is large enough to swallow one hole. Adult shrimp grow to 2cm in length, with juveniles being at least 1cm. Conversely, any smaller fish will live with them very happily. They may eat the baby shrimp if they breed, but if you have enough plant cover, usually enough survive to keep the colony going.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us!

Customer Reviews

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Healthy shrimp after two weeks

My first time ordering livestock online so I was a little nervous. The 5 shrimp were very well packaged and arrived safe and sound. Most if not all appear to be alive two weeks later and have grown well in our community nano tank with a few small tetras. We ordered plants at the same time which came with several assorted bonus snails, they are also doing well.

Nat Stephens
Happy healthy RCS

I have bought 8 little red cherry shrimps in 2 lots. They are active and healthy. Martin was very helpful. Highly recommended. ♥️♥️♥️

Good Job !!

Unfortunately I was struck with very delayed shipping and my poor little shrimp where in a box for four days but to my surprise they were alive!!! Great packaging and well looking shrimp I got some plants too I was expecting a bit bigger but for the exceptional price that is understandable, I had a few questions and was replied to very quickly thank you very much, I will buy from here again in future!!!

Would highly recommend

This shop has the best prices I could find and super fast communication, my shrimp arrived super lively in a well packaged box and are doing wonderfully, thank you!

incredible , miracle

the service was good, kept in touched, but the delivery was abit long as it need to arrive in Darwin but good, this was a miracle that some survived. best website ive ordered best service and packaging

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