Striped Ghost Shrimp (Neocaridina davidi)

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These Freshwater Dwarf Shrimp are a great addition to your clean-up crew.
The Neocaridina family being one of the hardiest dwarf shrimp out there, they can survive temperatures as low as 15C up to 30C but thrive and breed readily between 21 and 26 Degrees.

Ghost shrimp are scavengers. They eat algae, bacteria and other microorganisms around the tank, and will never attack other live animals. They have a minimum bio-load and are a great addition to almost any tank's ecosystem!
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Keeping with fish
The general rule for all aquatic life is "if it fits in their mouth they will eat it." Unless you have specifically passive or vegetarian fish, shrimp may be eaten by any fish which is large enough to swallow one hole. Adult shrimp grow to 2cm in length, with juveniles being at least 1cm. Conversely, any smaller fish will live with them very happily. They may eat the baby shrimp if they breed, but if you have enough plant cover, usually enough survive to keep the colony going.

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Customer Reviews

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Abbie K
Glass shrimp

I bought 20 glass shrimp, delivered to one of the furthest points across australia. The packaging was very well done as I only had 2 DOA and they refunded straight away. The refund process was quick and easy. The process as a whole; buying, shipping, packaging, and refunding was easy and painless. I 100% recommend ordering from this shop.


I bought 8 ghost shrimp as part of my clean up crew and quickly found I could watch the tank for hours.....They live happily with my other friendly tank mates...they've made the cave their home and kicked out the bronze Corys...they climb the Seiryu Stone Mountain in my scaped tank , chase each other around go for rides in the air stone bubbles repeatedly and rest in the cave entrance and generally eat algae all i'm hooked on shrimp as well....have to explore the other varieties....thanks Sydney Aquascape

Sienna K
I loveee

I absolutely love my ghost shrimp ! He came in such good care and considering he got shipped out to Victoria I didn’t think he’d make it alive but so did he and the Malaysian snail I ordered. Very happy with my service and will definitely be ordering from you guys again. Thanks sm guys :)

Billie Morris

amazing service, all shrimp were in awesome condition and i'm so happy with them, they were packaged beautifully and came with a coupon, thankyou note and a fact sheet! i'm so pleased with these guys and will definitely be ordering again! i highly recommend

Great Service

Fast delivery, nicely packed and all got here happy and healthy. I'm very pleased with my order would purchase again.

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