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How much Lighting and Nutrients do I need in my tank?

Knowing how much lighting your tank needs is one of those things without any definite answer. Most articles tend to flounder around for a bit and then give you some good (and practical) guidelines to go by, mainly because, for most plants it actually doesn't matter that much! But it is still good to know why, and that is what I will explain in this article. The guidelines For those who just want to get to the guidelines here they are: Nutrients: One source of additional nutrients in your aquarium.Low light: 10+ Lumen per Litre of water (0.7 Watt/L for Incandescent bulbs and 0.17 Watt/L for LEDs)Medium light: 20+ Lumen per Litre (1.4 Watt/L for Incandescent bulbs and 0.34 Watt/L...

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Red Cherry Shrimp Fact-sheet

Cheat Sheet - For those who want to get straight to the numbers Temperature: 18oC - 30oC Ideally; 22oC - 26oC.Water type: Freshwater.PH: 6.5 - 7.8 (Most standard aquarium PH's are fine).Lighting: Low-High (Any standard Aquarium lighting is good).Substrate: Prefer a darker colours over brighter substrates. Tank mates: Most medium to small fish.Scientific name: Neocaridina Davidi. Overview - What are Cherry Shrimp? Red Cherry Shrimp, part of the Neocaridina family, are one of the most popular shrimp in the hobby. Although they are originally from the rivers and lakes in Taiwan, just about all the Cherries you can get are captive bread. This is primarily due to the shrimp being selectively bread for colour. However, due to the abundance and hence solid gene pool...

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