Yellow Peacock Cichlid

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  • Good for small-large aquariums.
  • Easy to keep Active fish.
  • Adult size = 13cm in length.
  • Omnivore, feed regular tropical foods.
  • Recommended temperature range: 24-26C

The Yellow Peacock Cichlid, a hybrid from the Aulonocara Species in Lake Malawi, typically resides along the rocky shoreline transitioning into the sandy lake bottom. Feeding involves sifting through sand, extracting small invertebrates hidden within. While primarily sand feeders, they also actively hunt and prey on detected movements in the substrate. Living in small groups, a single male and a few females, they establish territories for feeding, defending aggressively against perceived competition.

Ideal for community Lake Malawi aquariums, Yellow Peacocks generally coexist well with other species from the region. Their peaceful nature allows them to share space with similar species, given the aquarium is sufficiently large to provide multiple territories for each group.

Omnivorous. Offer a good quality flake food, appropriately sized granular foods, and small meaty frozen foods such as Mysis shrimp, vitamin/Spirulina-enriched brineshrimp, mosquito larvae etc

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