Takashi Carpet (Micranthemum umbrosum) - tissue Culture cup

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Micranthemum umbrosum, native to the southeastern US and parts of Central/South America, is a popular aquarium plant. It adapts to different growth phases, thriving in emersed summer conditions and submersed winter states. Its recent popularity is attributed to increased availability of suitable aquarium setups.

While M. umbrosum may face initial challenges in new environments, it becomes low-maintenance once acclimated, except for its high light requirement (0.5 W/L). Inadequate light leads to leaf shedding and brittle stems. Additional CO2 is optional but enhances growth.

Propagation is easy by cutting and replanting a main shoot. Emersed cultivation accelerates growth, requiring moist air and a wet substrate. In aquascapes, it's usually placed in the middle/background but can be used in the foreground with intense lighting for a creeping, flattened appearance.

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