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What is it? 
This is a small "Desktop Aquarium" combo, perfect for shrimp, snails or a few small fish. It is an all-in-one set, and recommended to be placed in any well-lit indoor area.
We recommend ordering livestock at least a week after setting up your aquarium, and this combo comes with everything you need to be ready to add fish or shrimp.

What does it come with? 

  • Acrylic tank with an in-built filter, lid and waterfall feature. 
    (19cm across, 20cm deep, 7.5 Litres or 2 Gallons)
  • Water pump to run the filter.
  • 50 ml Seachem Prime. (Will last over a year)
  • Stainless Steel Tweezers.
  • 500g Oliver Knot Aquasoil for plants and shrimp.
  • Mini plant combo: 10 random stem plants which will create a nice display in the tank.

Should I order livestock together with the tank?
You can order snails together with the tank without an issue, however for shrimp and fish it is recommended that you "cycle" the tank first.
The filter needs to establish itself before it can support a lot of livestock, so to let it cycle; you just need to set up your tank and keep the filter on for a week or two as you would normally. 

For this reason, we recommend setting up your tank and plants first, then placing a second order for fish and/or shrimp a week or two after your tank has been set up.
With that said, one or two small shrimp or fish would usually be fine, but do so at your own risk.

Setting up the tank:

  • Unpack the tank from the box and separate the plants, soil and other parts.
  • Place the tank in your desired location.

Set up the filter:

  • Take out the pipes, pump and roof section of the tank. 
  • Place the small converter pipe into the hole in the pump.
  • Insert the long plastic pipe over the converter pipe.
  • Insert the other end of the long pipe to the bottom of the right side of the filter roof. Make sure it is the hole which is NOT blocked.
  • Insert the small pipe onto the short end of the curved pipe. 
  • Before inserting the curved pipe into the roof, first add the white sponge filter media into the same section as you connected the pump to.
  • Then insert the curved pipe so that the water is pumped into the hole in the white filter media.
  • Place the filter housing on top of the tank and adjust the filter pump as desired. You may also place the small black filter sponge in front of the inlet if you plan to keep shrimp in the tank.
  • Finally, fill in the ceramic filter media into the remaining section and insert your lid after peeling off the protective paper.

Applying the soil and plants: 

  • Evenly spread un-washed aquasoil over the base of the aquarium.
  • Use a scraper or ruler to level the surface, or if desired create gradients.
  • Slowly fill your aquarium with water until the water level is about 3-4cm above the soil. This makes planting easier.
  • Begin planting your aquarium. Make sure you spray your plants with water until the planting process is completed.
  • Once the aquarium is planted, slowly fill your tank to the desired level.
  • Power up your filter system and allow the water to clear over the next few hours, then let your tank cycle for at least a week.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Desktop aquarium

Recieved the tank and accessories protected very well,was a little hard putting it together with big hands but got there ,awesome little tank very happy,one detail that is key to it working is you need a aus plug adapter because it comes with Chinese one 😉

Lovely little tank!

Arrived well packed, with all the items listed in the box. Was a little tricky to assemble the filter at first but we worked it out!
It looks great next to the television now.

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