Seachem Flourish Excel 50ml (Liquid CO2)

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What is Liquid CO2?

It is CO2 dissolved as a liquid, to more easily add it to your tank water.

What does it do?

Short answer: It makes your plants go BRRR!~ (Grow very fast)

Long answer: Plants breathe Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to grow. Normal surface plants have good access to CO2 in the air, but have a harder time getting water, while aquatic plants need to get all their CO2 from the water, which is harder than from air. This is why aquatic plants generally grow slower than open-air plants. Liquid CO2 adds some extra CO2 into the water, which dramatically boosts the growth of aquatic plants.

Who is it for? 
If you want your plants to grow quite fast, or fill out a new tank, dosing CO2 for the first few months of a new setup is perfect. If your want your tank to fill out fast, we recommend getting one of these and use it for the first 4 months at a quarter or less of the recommended dosage, slowing down once it is filled to your satisfaction.

If you have carpeting plants, they likely need CO2 to grow well, and just dosing liquid CO2 weekly can be much easier than setting up a CO2 injection system.

    Extra notes

    Underdose rather than overdose: Most of our plants don't need CO2 to survive, but adding too much may be dangerous for your shrimp and fish. You can also dose much less than the recommended amount, letting this bottle last you a long time.
    Keep your dosing stable: Try to not miss weeks, and keep your dosing pattern constant. If you want to change how much you dose do it gradually over a few weeks instead of suddenly. 

    If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us!

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