Plant Fertiliser, Premium Plant Superfood from Oliver Knott 300 ml

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What is Plant Superfood? 
Laterite is a soil and rock type rich in iron and other important
minerals. It is formed in hot and wet tropical areas, with far
north Queensland in Australia being one of the largest and
highest purity deposits on the planet. Australian laterites are of a
orange colouration, because of high iron oxide content.
Laterite has long been used in the aquarium industry as an
excellent plant fertilizer due it’s rich mineral composition, with
Australian laterite being considered the world standard.

Who is it for? 
Extra fertilizer is not compulsory for any of our plants, however, if you have a tank without any aquasoil, or have not changed your soil for a year or more, adding a fertilizer like this can really bring out the colors in your plants and fix any issues you may have been having.

Applying the soil: 

New Tank: Sprinkle Laterite evenly into a thin layer over the
bottom of aquarium. Any areas intended for planting, build up
to double depth. Cover Laterite with your substrate of choice,
for example river gravel, pebble or sand.

Established tank: Sprinkle Laterite over the soil, or burry in small sections around where plants are located. 


Extra notes
Aquasoil tends to lose its nutrients and water-buffering qualities over time, a good estimate is around 2 years. By then your tank should be well established and replacing the soil isn't really necessary unless you require specific parameters or have advanced plants. Aquasoil is also light and tends to be a little dusty, this means you need to be careful when vacuuming it and the first time you add the soil, you will need to wait for your tank to clear overnight. 

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us!

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