Goldfish- Ranchu

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  • Current size: 5-6cm in length.
  • Adult size: 20cm in length.
  • Omnivore, but primarily eat protein foods.
  • Temp 10 to 30c

The Ranchu is highly sought after for goldfish competitions, especially in China and Japan. These fancy goldfish have a round and chubby body shape that is similar to that of the Lionhead or the Oranda. In fact, they resemble the Lionhead so closely that they are often mistaken for them. The Ranchu goldfish breed lack a dorsal fin which is one of the reasons for their restrictive swimming abilities.

The  Ranchu has a broad back and tail fins that fan out almost horizontally. The  Ranchu Goldfish can come in a variety of colors and patterns. The most familiar patterns are red and white with black spots or gold and white with black spots

Although often being thought of as beginner fish, this isn't exactly the case. They get very big, requiring a large tank to accommodate them, and are a bit messy, making a decent filter a requirement. But if you understand the basics, they are a lovely, relatively low-maintenance pet. 

Keeping Goldfish FAQ

Water changes?
About 20% weekly. Don't clean the tank otherwise, other than optionally scraping the walls or vacuuming the substrate every so often.

Tank size?
At least 4-6x the length of the fish is ideal, but the bigger the better. Eventually, these should end up in a pond but not everyone has that option.

Once per day is enough, any standard fish food. Note, that they will eat algae and some plants as well. Duckweed is a great snack to keep them healthy as well. 

Tank mates?
Don't keep them with shrimp! Anything they can fit in their mouth they will have a go at, but otherwise won't usually be too aggressive to other fish.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us!

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