Electric Yellow Cichlid

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  • Good for small-large aquariums.
  • Current size = 3-4cm.
  • Adult size = 10cm in length.
  • Omnivore, feed regular tropical foods.
  • Recommended temperature range: 24-26C

Electric Yellow cichlids, originating from Lake Malawi in Tanzania, are highly popular among hobby keepers due to their vibrant coloration. Both males and females exhibit a deep yellow hue with developing black anal, pectoral, and dorsal fins, especially prominent in mature males.

Known for their peaceful nature among African Cichlids, Electric Yellows are recommended for tanks with hard alkaline water, maintaining a pH between 7.5 and 8.5. While tolerant of variations, the suggested temperature range is 24°C to 26°C. A spacious aquarium of around 200 liters with fine substrate, hardy plants, caves, and rocks is ideal for their well-being.

Despite being considered placid, Electric Yellow cichlids can display territorial behavior, particularly towards fish with similar body shapes and colors. They are compatible with most African cichlids of similar size and aggression but may not be suitable for a community setup.

Omnivorous in nature, these cichlids readily consume meaty foods, brine shrimp, and vegetable-based flakes and pellets. Caution is advised to avoid overfeeding.

Breeding is common in home aquariums, typically initiated when the fish reach 5-6 cm in size. The female lays eggs on a flat surface, with the male fertilizing them. The female then stores the eggs in her mouth for approximately three weeks, releasing the fry when ready. Adequate hiding places are crucial, and if needed, fry may be transferred to a separate tank or fry holder. Stress should be minimized to prevent the female from consuming her own young. Electric Yellow fry can be nourished with crushed flakes or pellets, brine shrimp, and a small amount of commercial cichlid food.

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