Crimson Tide Cichlid

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  • Good for small-large aquariums.
  • Easy to keep Active fish.
  • Adult size = 13cm in length.
  • Omnivore, feed regular tropical foods.
  • Recommended temperature range: 23-28C

The Crimson Tide Cichlid (Astatotilapia latifasciata) is a beloved Lake Victoria African Cichlid species cherished by aquarium enthusiasts for its vibrant colors and gentle demeanor. This species is heavily bred in captivity due to its endangered status in the wild, making it a crucial ambassador for conservation efforts.

While females possess their own allure, it's the males' striking bursts of red and yellow against a silver body, adorned with vertical black bars, that distinguish them. This distinctive appearance sets them apart from other species in the aquarium world.

Aquarium Maintenance

Caring for Crimson Tide Cichlids is a delight for hobbyists, as they are remarkably low-maintenance and amenable to cohabiting with various fish species. They thrive in neutral to moderately hard water conditions, benefiting from regular partial water changes or the presence of efficient filtration systems. Providing ample rocky shelters is essential to ensuring their sense of security and offering retreats during times of stress.

Insufficient hiding spots may lead to territorial aggression, especially when competing for limited cover. Males typically grow up to 13cm, while females reach around 10cm. Although they make excellent additions to African Cichlid community tanks, they should not be housed with significantly larger or overly aggressive species.

Feeding & Dietary Needs

Crimson Tide Cichlids are omnivorous, with a penchant for insect-based diets. Their menu includes plankton, insects, krill, mysis shrimp, daphnia, cichlid flakes, pellets, and other protein-rich offerings. Maintaining a varied diet is essential for their overall health and immune system support.

These hardy eaters benefit from multiple feedings throughout the day, ensuring a balanced nutritional intake that promotes vitality.

Breeding Insights

In aquarium settings, Crimson Tide Cichlids breed prolifically, requiring a spacious tank of at least 500 liters and flat rocks or slate for egg deposition. Remarkably, females guard the fry for approximately two months post-birth, allowing them to coexist with their parents.

Newborns readily consume baby brine shrimp or similar fare, experiencing rapid growth and development, attaining their distinctive shape and size within about a week.

They are great for almost any freshwater aquarium as well.
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