Red Blonde Guppy

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  • Good for small-large aquariums.
  • Easy to keep Active fish.
  • Adult size = 3-4cm in length.
  • Omnivore, feed regular tropical foods.
  • Recommended temperature range: 18-26C

This listing is for one Red Blonde Guppy, if you get two feel free to request genders in the note.

The Red Blonde Guppy is a distinctive variety of Poecilia reticulata guppy, crafted through meticulous selective breeding over time. Sporting a red body and tail complemented by a lighter-colored belly, it adds vibrant flair to any aquarium.

These guppies thrive in aquariums of at least 20 liters, though larger tanks will encourage breeding and healthier behaviours. They are also very peaceful fish and great as tankmates. While they can withstand minor fluctuations in water parameters, maintaining stable conditions for temperature, pH, and nutrient levels is essential for their well-being.

For novice aquarists, the Red Blonde Guppy is an excellent choice, given its hardy nature and lively disposition, making it a hassle-free addition to freshwater community setups.

Breeding guppies is relatively straightforward, even for beginners. To foster successful breeding, provide an aquarium with floating plants and a breeding box to shield the fry from adults, which may prey on them if left unprotected. Fry should be nourished with a diet comprising brine shrimp, micro food, and finely crushed flakes.

As omnivores, guppies benefit from a balanced diet consisting of algae-based foods and meaty fare. Incorporating algae-based flake food, freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp into their diet ensures they receive adequate nutrition.

They are great for almost any freshwater aquarium as well.
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