Goldfish - Black Moor

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  • Current size: 3-6cm in length.
  • Adult size: 30cm in length.
  • Omnivore, but primarily eat protein foods.

Black Moors, belonging to the Cyprinidae family like Goldfish, are categorized as Fancy Goldfish due to their unique characteristics. Among these distinctions are their prominent telescopic eyes, which have earned them the nickname "Telescopes." They are also known as Moors, Demekin, or Dragon Eyes.

Originating in China, Black Moors have a lineage tracing back to Carp and have been selectively bred since the 1700s. Initially popularized in Japan, they eventually gained global recognition. While readily available in most pet stores, locating this specific variety may require some effort.

With proper care, Black Moor Goldfish typically live for 10-15 years, with some individuals reaching up to 20 years in optimal conditions.

Black Moor Goldfish are known for their peaceful nature and are compatible with most tankmates. However, they prefer the company of calm species, as they tend to be timid and have a slow swimming speed. They primarily inhabit the mid-levels of the aquarium and may retreat to hiding spots when stressed. They exhibit shoaling behavior when kept in groups, enjoying the presence of their own kind.

Although often being thought of as beginner fish, this isn't exactly the case. They get very big, requiring a large tank to accommodate them, and are a bit messy, making a decent filter a requirement. But if you understand the basics, they are a lovely, relatively low-maintenance pet. 

Keeping Goldfish FAQ

Water changes?
About 20% weekly. Don't clean the tank otherwise, other than optionally scraping the walls or vacuuming the substrate every so often.

Tank size?
At least 4-6x the length of the fish is ideal, but the bigger the better. Eventually, these should end up in a pond but not everyone has that option.

Once per day is enough, any standard fish food. Note, they will eat algae and some plants as well. Duckweed is a great snack to keep them healthy as well. 

Tank mates?
Don't keep them with shrimp! Anything they can fit in their mouth they will have a go at, but otherwise won't usually be too aggressive to other fish.

If you have any questions or problems feel free to contact us!

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