Black Ghost Knife

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  • Current size: 4-6cm in length.
  • Adult size: 50cm in length.
  • Omnivore, but primarily eat protein foods.
  • Temp 26 to 28c

The Black Ghost Knifefish (Apteronotus albifrons) is widely distributed throughout the northern streams and rivers of South America. Typically, they inhabit fast-flowing jungle rivers and streams, but during the rainy season, they venture into flooded forests. Their slender, elongated bodies allow them to navigate through tree roots and dense vegetation in search of insects, larvae, and small worms for nourishment. Compared to other Cichlid species in the Amazonian waterways, Black Ghost Knifefish are known for their shy demeanor.

When housed in aquariums, Black Ghost Knifefish thrive best with tank mates that exhibit gentle behavior and are not overly aggressive. Suitable companions include Discus, Geophagus, Severum, Angelfish, peaceful Catfish, other peaceful Cichlids, and larger community species (6 inches or more).

A well-suited habitat for Black Ghost Knifefish comprises heavily planted aquariums with ample tree root structures for them to explore. Additionally, the aquarium should feature open swimming areas and areas with diffused lighting to mimic their natural environment. These elements provide Knifefish with refuge when they feel threatened or seek relief from bright aquarium lighting.

Adult Black Ghost Knifefish require spacious aquariums, preferably 600 liters or more, to accommodate multiple specimens peacefully. In larger groups (four or more), aggression tends to be dispersed, reducing the likelihood of dominant individuals targeting weaker ones. Clean water and low nutrient levels are vital for their long-term health, necessitating the use of quality canister or wet/dry filters and regular partial water changes.

As carnivores, Black Ghost Knifefish primarily prey on insects and small worms. In aquariums, they can be fed live or frozen bloodworms, tubifex worms, prawns, krill, earthworms, crickets, and commercial dry foods like pellets and sticks. Their diet should be varied to ensure they receive essential vitamins and minerals, promoting a robust immune system. Feeding should occur daily, offering an amount of food they can consume within a few minutes.

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