Crystal Shrimp - Low Grade (Caridina Cantonensis)-Livestock-Sydney Aquascapes
Crystal Shrimp - Low Grade (Caridina Cantonensis)-Livestock-Sydney Aquascapes
Crystal Shrimp - Low Grade (Caridina Cantonensis)-Livestock-Sydney Aquascapes

Crystal Shrimp - Low Grade (Caridina Cantonensis)

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This listing is for one low grade Crystal Shrimp. As seen in the pictures, the colour in these is not complete, but they still have very nice patterns. These will be adults or juveniles and are assorted.
Crystal shrimp, in comparison to more hardy species such as the cherry shrimp (Neorcardinia Davidi), are quite fragile. They require much more careful care than their cousins with stable water parameters and no ammonia or other toxins in the water. They prefer temperatures between 20C and 24C and any significant variation from this range is not recommended but usually survive short periods of time over an under by 2 degrees. These shrimp require good oxygenation of the water column and hence prefer lower temperatures than Neocardinias.
Don't let these requirements scare you however, any indoor aquarium under an experienced or informed aquarist is definitely up to the challenge and Crystals are a great next step from keeping Neocardinias or any other hardy shrimp species.
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Keeping with fish
The general rule for all aquatic life is "if it fits in their mouth they will eat it." Unless you have specifically passive or vegetarian fish, shrimp may be eaten by any fish which is large enough to swallow one hole. Conversely, any smaller fish will live with them very happily. They may eat the baby shrimp if they breed, but if you have enough plant cover, usually enough survive to keep the colony going.

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