Cute Tank Cleaners For ANY Freshwater Aquarium

How we started:

Red Cherry Shrimp Aquarium Australia

Shrimp: The BEST tank cleaners out there.

  • Eat leftover food and algae cleaning your aquarium
  • Peaceful and won't harm anything else in your tank
  • Low bio-load = low maintenance
  • Easy to control population unlike other cleaners such as snails
  • Super cute!

Hey! Martin here, the founder of Sydney Aquascapes. One of the biggest problems I had when I was getting into the Aquarium hobby was not breaking the bank on stock I wanted in my aquarium. The trouble I had to go to was just enormous. So, I decided to do the work for you and make it easy and affordable to fill your tanks with stock. Check out all our locally grown Plants and Livestock below!

Shrimp are simply the best aquarium cleaners out there and are quickly gaining the popularity they deserve. They breed readily meaning with enough plant cover, you won't have to buy new ones to keep up your colony while a few of the baby shrimp still supply your fish with a nutritious snack. Due to their low bio-load they don't require any more maintenance and won't harm any of your other livestock.

Positives of Local Breeders

Check out our locally-bred shrimp and plants below!